About us

In October 2020, Group BTTS acquired CIME Technologies. Now known as CIME BTTS Inc., we continue to work in the same areas of expertise as in the past. In addition, by being part of the BTTS Group, we now have access to additional expertise such as FEA analyzes and the design of pressure vessels.

In order to maintain the same quality of execution that has made the reputation of CIME Technologies, CIME BTTS Inc. will continue to work in the same industrial sectors while operating with the multidisciplinary team of CIME Technologies. We have solid experience and can thus guarantee the realization of your most ambitious projects.

CIME is very active on the local and regional level, always with the same concern to better satisfy its customers. In addition, CIME also works nationally and in the United States and has stood out from the market due to its determination, expertise and know-how.

At CIME BTTS, we take our clients' projects to heart and we offer customer service tailored to your needs. We will put all our resources at your disposal to provide you with a service that meets your expectations.